Hello there. I’m a textile artist and ceramics tutor, based at Oxcombe Pottery in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

My work in textiles comes out of the domestic quilt-making tradition but explores the multiple meanings that such objects can contain. For me, I see connections between the stitches and fixings that hold layers of fabric together and the old buildings that are held together by iron patresses, or ‘building ties.’ I see quilt-forms as echoing the fields I pass on the drive to my workshop, and wonder about the stories buried in the archaeology beneath the ground. I think about the way in which bed coverings are seen as providing protection and warmth but also reflect the way in which domestic abuses and unhappinesses are hidden from view. Overall I want to celebrate the ways in which we can make things last and value the hard-used, the recycled and patched-together aspects of our lives.

As I follow these lines of enquiry, and expand into new areas for discovery along the way, I plan to share my ideas freeform here as a means of gathering my thoughts and hopefully receiving friendly feedback from others too.

Thank you for taking a look.

Grafitti at Bolingbroke