Starting out

The wind is blowing noisily down the chimney whilst Storm Ophelia rages across the west of the UK and, after the usual mad evening rush of dinner and other family stuff, I’m settling down to write my inaugural post on a blog which I set up a year ago. Which may be a record, but clearly not a positive one!

This autumn marks a big change in my life. Having spent many years making work around the edges of other professional obligations, I am now placing my practice centre-stage. This is Week 7 and I have decided that rather than just talk to myself and scribble thoughts in the various notebooks that litter my home and workshop, I am going to document my development journey in writing, here.

My plan is to gather images and ideas in one place, and already I’ve begun to see more clearly the visual connectivity between work I made a few years ago and the pieces I’m creating now.  Hopefully the process of writing out my thoughts will also help to form a more cohesive narrative, which in turn will influence the making of better work.

All ideas and commentary are my own (I think!) If you happen across this site I would be delighted to hear from you. All kindly-meant comments will be cheerily received.

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